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PNTToolbar – Safari like iOS toolbar

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The problem with we are faced when using mobile devices and especially when we are developing for mobile devices is how to present everything that a user needs. Mobile devices are relatively small and they never were intended for reading word documents. Nowadays we can see that we can read and also edit word documents […]

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Custom Shape UIButton Tutorial

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By default, the buttons on iOS are rectangular shaped. In most situations in which a developer can be that’s enough and we can do most of the things. But sometimes, application requirements are such that we need a different approach to resolve that situation. Let’s say you need the area of the button to be […]

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AppsFunder is a cool new way to fund your app development!

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As a developer, you’ve probably encountered some problems while trying to market your app – how to get the word out, who to contact, what strings to pull. Have you ever experienced a project halt becase you didn’t had any more resources to continue the development process? If so, AppsFunder might be of interest to […]

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