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PNTToolbar – Safari like iOS toolbar

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The problem with we are faced when using mobile devices and especially when we are developing for mobile devices is how to present everything that a user needs. Mobile devices are relatively small and they never were intended for reading word documents. Nowadays we can see that we can read and also edit word documents […]

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Custom Shape UIButton Tutorial

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By default, the buttons on iOS are rectangular shaped. In most situations in which a developer can be that’s enough and we can do most of the things. But sometimes, application requirements are such that we need a different approach to resolve that situation. Let’s say you need the area of the button to be […]

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How to start with iOS development

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Thousands of apps are being developed everyday by people just like you. Apple’s iOS, their mobile operating system found on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch offers unique developer tools to get you started in creating apps that could become useful, fun, and exciting. Your first step in becoming an iOS developer is joining the iOS Developer […]

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