St. Patricks

St. Patrick’s Gold is the first game developed and published by Planet1107.

Story is based on the myth of st. Patrick of Ireland, who banished all of the snakes from the Ireland. With traditional motives of Ireland like clovers and leprechaun’s gold this game takes you into a world where your only goal is to get rid of those pesky snakes once again. Snakes will try to hide under rocks, bricks and sticks so your aim must be very good when you bomb them.

Game has 30 unique levels for you to play with six different sceneries that change with the levels. Each next level is unlocked by finishing the one before. Upon finishing the game you will discover a cauldron of gold!

Physics engine is incorporated into the game so you can move obstacles if the snakes are behind them. This gameĀ guarantees hours of fun.



Best parts of this game are that, not only it is addictive and fun gameplay with simple and intuitive game control, it also has iPhone4 (retina) graphics support so it looks great and graphics are simply stunning. You will probably enjoy the awesome explosion effects all across the 30 unlockable game levels with 6 different backgrounds.

Don’t forget, all you need to do is pull back bomb from slingshot and release it to fire bomb in right direction to hit snakes and when the bomb explodes few seconds after launch hope that all the snakes are gone. Also you can use obstacles to hit snakes if you can’t reach them with bombs.

This game is available in full and free version.

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