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Video Companion app is the most convenient way possible to watch and learn about people behind the computer revolution. It is simple to use – just download it and choose which videos you want to watch.

Content is divided in several main categories: Interview, Documentary, Speech and Presentation. If you open up the sidebar on the left, you’ll be able to filter out the videos by the year or a range of years. Video Companion remembers which videos you’ve watched so you can easily get to the unwatched as well. And it’s easy to select multiple filters and watch videos that are tagged by, for example, Innovation and Inspirational. Of course, you can search videos by tags as well and save them to your Favorites.

If you’re in for some educational videos about the Silicon Valley and the computer science, Video Companion will give you the collection of videos that every tech fan and IT enthusiast should see.



Video Companion app was originally conceived by Igor Vukomanović, designed by Magic’marinac and developed by Planet 1107.

The app is available both for your iPhone or your iPad, both as free and paid app. Feel free to download it and watch some great inspirational videos!

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