AppNet Rhino

App.Net is a brand new social network for which we created the first dedicated App.Net iOS client in the AppStore!

App.Net username and password are required to use application. After you log in, you can view your personal or global post streams, mentions and profile. Follow or unfollow other users, view their profiles by tapping on user avatar image or name mention in post. You can easily access reply options with swipe gesture on specific post. Full conversations can be viewed by tapping on post that is marked as reply. Posts with YouTube links have small preview image. You can open links without leaving application with in-app browser.



We’re thankful to all of the media outlets which helped us spread the word of the first App.Net iOS client in the AppStore:

- The Next Web (The first dedicated App.net client for iOS hits the App Store)
- TechCrunch (7-Weeks In, Dalton Caldwell’s App.net Gets First Dedicated iOS App, Passes 17,500 Users)
- The Verge (App.net gets its first iPhone client, AppNet Rhino)
- MacWorld (Twitter rival App.net gets its own iOS client)
- App.Net Official Blog (New tools for App.net users)
- The Guardian (App.net hits 250k posts as first iPhone and Android apps are released)
- PCWorld (Twitter Rival App.net Gets Its Own iOS Client)
- Netocratic (AppNet Rhino: Croatian Team Creates 1st Dedicated App.net iPhone App & Praises the Ecosystem)
- TUAW (AppNet Rhino available for iPhone)
- The Guardian (20 Best iPhone and iPad apps this week)
- PCMag (App.net Gets First Dedicated iOS App)

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