RemoterApp is mobile device application that gives you the ability to remote control your Windows PC via easy-to-use mouse touchpad interface and built in virtual keyboard system.

You can control your computer using existing wireless infrastructure between your computer and mobile device. RemoterApp can be used with any application including presentation software where you can use Remoter as a presenter tool to navigate through presentation slides. Remoter can be conveniently used to remotely control video and audio player on your computer. You can remotely start IM call, send instant message to your friends, or even play your favorite computer games.



Planet 1107 in cooperation with Faculty of organization and informatics, Varazdin, Croatia, developed client Remoter application for iOS devices.

RemoterApp got featured at The Next Web in March 2012. Look at what they said about it!

Official RemoterApp website can be found here.

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