Poke is a number, a value at the particular time. Pokelog is a collection of pokes.

Pokelog is personal analytics application. With this application you can track your weight, car milleage, bank account balance, height of your children or anything over time. Data you track is visible on a chart. There is no more need to keep your data in fragile notebooks, no more searching for pen on gas station, you just need mobile phone to poke.

All data is stored in cloud: your data is safe, accessible from anywhere and you can export data or delete it anytime. With Pokelog application you can create unlimited pokelogs and unlimited pokes.

Take your stats everywhere you go and poke stuff as it happens.


Pokelog is hobby project imagined by BoĹžidar Benko and mobile application was built using public API at Pokelog.com. Feel free to check out this simple but great web service that helps people to track their stuff.

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