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Happy Birthday, iPod

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October marks the iPod’s 10th birthday, and since its inception, the way we listen to has been digitized, customized, and revolutionized. The iPod was developed because Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder and savior, deemed existing MP3 players to be too large, too slow, and error prone. First offered with a whopping 5 gigabytes of storage space and a price tag […]

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Apple discontinues iPod Classic and Shuffle?

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After amazing 10 years of being in the market and revolutionizing the music industry, Apple might discountinue iPod Classic, as AppleInsider rumors claim. Not only that, Apple will probably discontinue iPod Shuffle as well. One of the main reasons for ditching iPod Classic is platter-based hard drive, while iPod Shuffle will get ditched because it’s lack of a screen. Another argument […]

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