Startup Live Split: Who will be there and what can you expect?

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If you’re into startups, you’ve probably heard of the Startup Week, one of the biggest startup conferences in CEE (Central and Eastern European) region. Today, Startup Week has a new name, Pioneers Festival. People who were in charge of Startup Week decided to run another startup gathering – Startup Live which was premiered in Austria.

Now, Startup Live will be hosted in Split, Croatia for the first time thanks to Procedo, a company with some great ideas and products. One of them is CodeAnywhere, an online code editor, and the other one is Spotie, a brand new location network with focus on the events instead of places. May we remind you, Planet 1107 helped in development of their iPhone application, check it out in our portfolio!

Startup Live Split

Startup Live Split will feature 11 startups from Croatia and 5 from the rest of the Europe. These are the startups (alphabetically) which will participate and get a chance to pitch to their potential investors:

  • Betcafe (Greece, social football betting game);
  • Breenga (Slovenia, branded social games);
  • Business Exchange (Croatia, reputation management tool for businesses);
  • Entrio (Croatia, event and tickets organizer);
  • Fileee (Germany, domument management system);
  • Gamersbook (Croatia, community for gamers);
  • Habbits (Croatia, todo app for kids);
  • Kontomierz (Poland, budgeting system);
  • (Croatia);
  • PETopoli (Croatia, social network for your pets);
  • PhotoPay (Croatia, system for paying your bills with a mobile phone camera);
  • Share2Spare (Croatia);
  • SocialPuzzle (Croatia, collection of Facebook tools);
  • Taksiko (Serbia, taxi-ordering app);
  • Webiny (Croatia, web-site building system);
  • Zzzzapp (Croatia, Hotspot control system);


Not only will these startups present their projects to investors and media, but they will also compete for some great stuff:

  • 2 tickets to Pioneers Festival;
  • 1 ticket for School for Startups Romania 2013;
  • Enterprise hosting package with

Planet 1107 will also attend the event, so if you’re around, join us, ping us, give us a shout! Will you attend Startup Live Split?

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