iOS 7 is here and this is what it brings!

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So, after a long wait and a bunch of rumors (as always), Apple introduced iOS 7 at WWDC today and you can preview it here. As many of news outlets predicted, iOS has Metro-like flat icon design and much brighter colors than any iOS edition before. And as always, fans are torn by this: you either like the new design or you hate it (and eventually get used to it).


WWDC also featured some new stuff like the new MacBook Air, the new Mac Pro and some nice updates to its MacOS, but let’s focus on iOS 7 for now. Here’s what’s new:

  • Control Center – a new item in the iOS, you can activate it from within any app you’re currently using and when the Control Center comes up, you can turn Wi-Fi on or off, adjust brightness and even – get a flashlight! :)
  • Safari – Safari got redesigned as well and is integrated with the iCloud Keychain so all your passwords will be accessible at the tip of the finger
  • AirDrop – for sharing your photos and files with iOS users nearby. However, “users nearby” should have iPhone 5, latest iPad (or a Mini) or latest iPod Touch for this functionality to work
  • Multitasking – Step by step, we’re getting to real multitasking. Now you’ll be able to see full previews of running apps and the system will learn from your habbits about which app should have more resources allocated
  • Photos – No more need to collect photos from your friends after a party or a vacation; Shared Photostream is like a group album – create one and let your friends add their photos. After that, everyone will have everyones photographs
  • AppStore – The best thing about this update is that the apps will now update automatically. We hated that notification from the AppStore anytime when there was a new update for some apps.

That’s about it – there are many more smaller updates but these are major ones on which the new iOS 7 is based upon. If you’re a developer, you should be able to get your hands on your iOS 7 copy today, while other users will have it on their iPhones and iPads this fall.

And of course – don’t forget to watch the keynote video – if you haven’t already.

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